Tuesday, April 7, 2020


"Love recognizes no barriers.
  It jumps hurdles,
 leaps fences,
 penetrates walls
 to arrive at its destination 
full of hope."

Maya Angelou

I'm not the first one to say this but,
 these are hard times.
The experts say that 
the next couple of weeks 
are going to be the worst yet 
in terms of illness and death.

 Somehow, someway,
 we will get through it all 
but not without 
losing a small bit 
of ourselves.

 At times, 
it all seems like a bad dream,
 like we are watching a movie 
from another era and 
sometimes we have to pinch ourselves 
to even imagine
 that it is happening at all.

 But it is, and
 we must watch out 
for one another and
 watch out, especially,
 for ourselves.

When loved ones 
tell us (order us) 
not to  go out of our homes, 
we must listen 
as it is done out of love, and 
it gives them hope 
that we will listen and survive. 
 It is not a dramatic idea,
 it is what is true right now.

  When a neighbor says 
they are going to the store,
 do you need anything,
 we do not pay them in money, 
we just do the same for them 
when it is our turn to go. 
 When a neighbor, 
seen in the street from a far distance, 
says they can't find toilet paper,
 you just leave
 a couple of rolls 
on their front porch 
if you can.  
You don't need to know 
who did a kind deed for you, 
you just need to know 
that you will return one
 when the time is right.

We owe so much to our kids.
  They have gone above and beyond 
for us while doing what they can for others.

  While Tim drove 
3 1/2 hours (and 3 1/2 hours back)
to bring us our groceries this week,
 Tami was helping 
in a homeless shelter in Santa Cruz.
  She works for
 the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter and
 because she is a county employee,
 their hours have been cut back
 to four days a week. 
 They are given the choice 
of donating time to a community cause 
on that day off.  
She chose to help out
 at the Veterans hall,
 as they had given over a room 
in their building,
 to house 20 homeless people 
who would otherwise be 
out on the streets,
 during the pandemic.
  These people, 
suffering from whatever life has dealt them,
 were so appreciative and thankful. 
 She says 
it was the most humbling and rewarding
 experience she has ever had.

We got a 
beautiful, thoughtful, package
 from Jake and Jacenda. 
 They had packed up 
some candy, cookies, men's soap,
 nail polish, hand sanitizer and bubble bath
 and because they know 
I love anything lavender, 
Jacenda painted 
the prettiest card,
 shown above.

We are so blessed 
to have our family 
who love and care about us and,
 in turn, 
all we can do is love and care for them back
 and pay close attention 
to what they want for us,
 which is 
just to be safe.

So far, 
we are not going stir crazy.
  We watch a lot of TV,
 which is really not anything new for us,
 but we have found another show 
that I think, 
although I never did before,
 is really entertaining.
  The Masked Singer is a hoot.
  When it first came on, 
I thought it would be 
the silliest thing and 
didn't plan on watching it. 
 We just happened 
to click on it the other night and 
found that it is really
 a fun filled hour 
to while away the time.
  The talent really is pretty good and
 the judges are characters and 
it is fun to 
guess along with them 
who the masked singer might be. 
I'm glad we started watching it and
 you should try it
 just once.

We also watched
 Joanna Gaines's special,
 In the Kitchen with Joanna Gaines on HGTV. 
 It was good to see Chip and Joanna
 back again even for a little while.
  They have started a new network, 
Magnolia Network, 
that is scheduled to air 
in October of 2020.  
As I was googling 
to see when it would air,
 I saw a person had commented 
that all the other shows 
that try to mimic Fixer Upper 
should just go away 
as they could never be as good. 
 While, in a sense,
 that may be correct.
  It would be very hard 
to find something to top it,
 but there is another show
 that we enjoy called
Home Town...

  ...even though 
it is the same concept as Fixer Upper,
 it is unique and 
as good in its own way.
  The young couple,
 Erin and Ben Napier, 
are charming and 
the setting of their show,
 Laurel, Mississippi, 
is a sweet little southern town.
  Ben is an excellent woodworker and 
Erin does a great job in
 decorating and designing. 
They are very 
personable and likeable.
 as most of us say, 
there can never be another
 Chip and Joanna, 
this show is worth a watch and 
deserves its spot 
on HGTV also. 
 The Gaines's new network 
looks like another smart move
 by the couple and 
they have renovated 
an old gristmill in Waco 
for the show. 
It is a beautiful building
 done in their trademark style and 
I'm sure the new adventure
 will be successful.

I haven't been doing 
any decorating to show off and 
haven't had a fresh flower 
in what seems like months (years!) 
so I have been showing 
some oldies but goodies. 
 Flowers are always 
a pick-me-up 
no matter old or new.

I'm still plugging along
 with my painting. 
 Not a bad pansy,
 but still much room
 for improvement.

My heart goes out 
to all of us and
 hope that our world 
can start healing very soon.

 Be kind to yourself and 
do what you can.
  We all need to know 
that we are here for each other and 
that love and hope
 will pull us through.

A nice way 
to end a cold rainy day.  
Stay well 
stay home.


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  1. Beautiful, thoughtful, gorgeous post. Your photos are blessings on my screen. So, Thank you---and take care. Breathing fresh air here, transplanting plants, pulling SPEARMINT, buckets of spearmint out of the garden...and enjoying the peace this has provided, long as the TV is off! Sandi

    1. Thank you so much, Sandi. I am glad you are safe and well and getting outside helps with it all. I can smell that spearmint..xxoJudy

  2. All of your flowers are so pretty!!
    We are beginning to see spring flowers here.. daffodils and tulips.
    I'm still waiting to see how our two new weeping crab apples look in full blossom.
    Fingers crossed that those two trees are gorgeous :)

    Have a sweet day.


    1. Oh, Kerin, you know they will be. Your new home looks gorgeous and thanks for your visit, my friend. Stay well and I can't wait to see those beautiful crab apple trees..xxoJudy

  3. Lovely post Judy. Family is so important. I am glad your family is pitching in to help. Do you have groceries deliveries in your area. Twice, I have ordered groceries online from Safeway. They deliver and leave the bags at our gate. Your painting looks lovely. A fun hobby. Spring is filled with beauty of flowers. Do continue to remain safe. Hopefully all of this shall pass. Thank you Judy for sharing at Love Your Creativity. Hugs

    1. Thanks so much, Linda. I have not checked that out yet as my kids just seem to take over! But since I hate that they make that long trip every week, this would work if possible. Glad you are staying healthy and yes, hopefully, this will be over soon..xxoJudy

  4. Hi Judy! A lovely post and so nice to hear of the generosity of others. Speaking of flowers, I just keep decorating with my fauxs and that seems to keep me happy. I pray you and your family are staying safe and sound during this time.
    Be a sweetie and happy Easter,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Thanks so much, Shelia. I have a big arrangement on the mantel of faux, and will be going into my stash and doing another shortly. They are pretty too. It will be a quiet Easter but a happy one with everyone safe..Stay well..xxoJudy

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, Kinga, I do too..Stay well and safe..xxoJudy

  6. Hi Judy such a sweet post. It is amazing to see all of the people helping where they can even during this scary time. Gives us hope in humanity again. Love all your sweet pictures and I am glad you are not going crazy staying at home. Our weather for two days has been in the high 70's which feels like early summer. So sweet. We will head back to the normals temps this weekend :(. It was sweet while it lasted. Happy Easter.

    1. Happy Easter to you, Kris, and thanks for the visit. The weather is spring like here today, with some spring rain yesterday. Good for the garden, things are greening up. A pleasant sight among all the sorrow. Hope you have a good Easter, it will be a quiet one for sure..Stay healthy and safe..xxoJudy

  7. Oh Judy what a lovely post, in thoughts, in kind gestures, flowers, your sweet pansy painting, and that soup looks delicious. It is hot and steamy down here in s.e. FL, and I'm not sure what I'll fix for supper tonight. Be well, stay safely at home. Have a lovely Easter ~ FlowerLady

  8. Thanks so much, Lorraine. It is a beautiful spring day today, but we did have some rain. I hope you are well and have a good Easter too. It will be a quiet one for sure..Stay well and thank you for your visit..xxoJudy

  9. No flowers here yet..but love visiting yours. Janice

    1. Thanks so much, Janice. You can visit anytime for anything..Stay well..xxoJudy

  10. I love seeing your bunnies and all the beauty you are sharing. I, too, love Home Town. Our youngest used to live in Laurel and we have been to the store they owned but that was long before the show.

    Your family sounds wonderful, driving so far for groceries. I did my first online delivery order but it won't come for a bit. We're set, so no problem although I may have to rethink Easter dinner! We'll be fine. I love your painting. Well done!

    1. Thanks so much, Jeanie. That little bunny is sitting on the parlor mantle and that is the extent of Easter decorations around here. I have a pork tenderloin in the freezer so that will be Easter dinner for us. The town of Laurel looks so charming. I love how green it always seems to be..Have a Happy quiet Easter my friend..xxoJudy

  11. Hi Judy, you are so lucky to have such wonderful family members to help you out! That is so awesome of them to drive so far to bring your groceries. I've done online delivery for our pet food which was nice. Have still gone to the stores but been VERY careful with wiping everything down, including my car keys and debit cards, the bags when I bring them in, and I clean off every bit of packaged food and even the fresh stuff! I watch alot of TV and YouTube - that keeps me company. I love that Home Town show too... I like the couple and what they are doing. And wish I would get the Masked Singer as love it! But we only have "air" TV and though I watched a couple of episodes when I was house sitting in February, I don't get it at home, and only can get snippets of it on YouTube. I too thought it would be stupid but ended up really liking it! I love any home fix-it TV shows, or the design shows. I get a few on YouTube and some older ones on the "off" Portland channels so I watch what I can and love all of them. I've binge watched many new series (and even re-watched some I had already seen!) and am anxiously awaiting some new seasons. I LOVE Heartland, Bosch, Virgin River (takes place in California) and Goliath. I think all are coming out with new seasons very soon! Glad you are still doing your paintings.. that card you received is so sweet and thoughtful. Take care and glad you are all well! Hugs.. Marilyn

    1. Thank you Marilyn. I was worrying about you as it seemed like a long time that I have heard from you, but nowadays time means almost nothing so I never quite seem to know what day it is! I wish you could get the Masked Singer. It is such a fun show and I love all the audience participation. We watched Bosch and really liked it. You should try Good Girls, it is very entertaining..Have the most wonderful Easter that you can and stay well, my friend..xxoJudy

  12. Judy,
    All of your pictures are just so lovely.... We do not have to worry about groceries as Joe is shopping after he is done working each day so we are very well stocked, even with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Joe and I have watched the Masked Singer form the beginning of it. I watched the first show for fun and found it strangely addictive!!Never thought Joe would watch it but he enjoys it.I am not and never have ben a fan of the Gaines or Fixer Upper.... The show just never did anything for me but I am a fan of Hometown as I feel the renovations that they do are very affordable and things that most average people can do. I also like her use of color and that they try to reuse old building supplies...repurposing them.I have been very busy....I will be posting about it tomorrow so if you have time, stop by!! Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter! Stay safe, healthy and happy, my friend!!

    1. Thanks, Deb. Glad you are stocking up on the groceries. Does Joe have to wear a mask when he is working? I sure do appreciate all the folks that are keeping our world up and running. Glad to hear you are keeping busy. I am turning into a slug so I like to hear about whatever can keep us busy. Have a wonderful Easter, although a quiet one and stay well..xxoJudy

  13. Hi Judy
    gosh we all are thinking the same thought these days. my grandson (age 13)said this happens almost every 100 years, it was 1918 spanish flu killed millions around the world.scary, sad, and unbelievable for younger people
    so glad we can be reading all our favorite blogs all day long after we eat eat eat LOL

    1. Thanks so much, Janice. That is the best we can hope for these days is the cards and phone calls that we have with our loved ones. I do get to yell at my daughter through the back door when they deliver our groceries, but a card will have to do from our grandson. Hope your Easter is as beautiful as it can be and stay well..xxoJudy

  14. Hi Judy
    Loved your pansy. These are some crazy times that's for sure. I tell you something else that's going to come from this in 9-10 months... new life and maybe a new appreciation for teachers. I too have watched a lot of TV and love Home Town but I still haven't caught the bug to watch the Masked Singer. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Thanks so much, Carla. I think you are probably right about the timing. You really need to catch that bug, I think you will find it quite entertaining..Have a quiet Easter and stay well..xxoJudy

  15. Judy, it was such a pleasure to peek at all your flowers today. This has been a rough week and your photos have added a little cheer. Thank you so much for sharing. It sounds like you're being well taken care of by your family and that's wonderful! I wish you a lovely Easter...peaceful and calm. Stay safe...hugs to you my friend! xoxo

  16. Thanks so much, Kim, and I wish all the same to you. I think it is beginning to wear on me, but I am trying to keep it all together. I think we are still in for a long haul, but we have to do what is safe for us all..Have a quiet Easter and stay safe and well, my friend..xxoJudy

  17. Beautiful post Judy. Your painting is so pretty of lavender. Your pansy is just beautiful. I love water color. You have caring thoughtful children. You are so blessed.
    We have been getting much needed yard work done. I took the car out for a grocery run with mask and hand sanitizer. Stores are counting the customers coming in and baskets are sanitized from one end to the other. People standing and reminding people if need be of the rules for shopping.
    Tomorrow we are going to sit outside and watch the children gather eggs in their yard.
    This will pass soon. People I bet will not even give it a second thought when it is over. I will think twice about crowded places and people coughing. I hope the grands are home schooled as they have done so much better at home. I hear quite a few families say they are going to do it now. might as well.
    I look forward to a sunrise early in the morning, read a few passages and then breakfast and coffee.
    Happy Easter with many well wishes, Betsy

    1. Thanks so much, Betsy. Hope your Easter was a good day. We did the usual, stayed at home! I am so grateful for our children. They have helped us so much. Yes, this too shall pass and I think you are probably right, especially if we open everything up too soon. I certainly hope we all have better judgement than that..Take care my friend and stay well..xxoJudy

  18. Liebe Judy,
    vielen Dank für hre lieben Worte, als ich Ihren Blog zum ersten Mal besucht habe.
    Ich wünsche Ihnen und Ihrer Familie ein gesegnetes Osterfest.
    Bleiben sie ALLE GESUND in dieser schlimmen Zeit!
    Viele liebe Grüsse von

    Brigitte Schmidt aus /Deutschland/germany

    1. Thank you, Brigitte. I am so happy to see that you visited again. Hope you are staying well in these hard times..Take care, xxoJudy

  19. ¿Has pintado tu el cuadro? es muy bonito, me gusta

  20. Thank you so much for your visits. Well, I did paint the picture of the pansy, but my grandson's girlfriend painted the pretty lavender..Hope you are well..xxoJudy

  21. I love this, Judy. I'm so glad that you are staying well and staying in and entertained.

    1. Thanks so much, Katie. Truthfully, I am becoming a slug! Stay safe and well..xxoJudy


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