Friday, February 10, 2012

I Promised you Christmas

I know it's close to Valentine's Day, but I promised you Christmas at the Cottage, and that's what you will get!

Most of these pictures are from a few years ago.  We have been spending the month of January in San Diego to miss some of the colder weather around here but leaving right after Christmas, and not returning home until the first of February, I haven't been doing much decorating recently.  But I have to tell you that it nearly breaks my heart, because I REALLY love Christmas AND decorating.

So Jerry and I have decided that next year, we will not leave until the first of February, so I can decorate to my hearts content and still have time to put everything away so the Cottage will be ready to start on Spring when we return in March.

This is a little vignette in the front entry.  I made the ceramic and paper mache Santa's when I was doing crafts.  We had a small antique shop when we lived in the Bay Area  and I did a few crafts.  But I got old and lazy and retired!! Now I have fun seeing (and buying) other people's work.

The Dining Room window tree.  I made this a few years ago, as you can see by the date on the photo, but it has withstood the test of time fairly well.  The only thing is when we put the plaster of paris in the container it cracked.  Thank heavens, after all that work, it was in the back.

Another small tabletop in the parlor.  I bought this little Santa at a craft's fair many years ago.  I think he is one of my favorite treasures.

This is our big tree in the Parlor.  I think it's about the prettiest one we've ever done. The picture came out so well that we used it as our Christmas card that year. I don't know if I can ever re-create it.

This should tell you a little something about how much I love to decorate!!  We titled this picture,  "The Grinch".  Poor Buddy.  Always ready to be helpful!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post.  I am having so much fun figuring it out.  I'm embarrassed to tell you how many times I have to go back and check on things.  But I'm learning as I go.  My next task will be trying to put it all to music.

I just can't leave until I show you one of the reasons
why we go to San Diego. The sunsets are outstanding there.

But, sometimes, our Gold Country skies ain't too shabby either!!  Looks like a fire storm, doesn't it?

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

And enjoy the rest of your wonderful days......Judy


  1. Judy,

    That picture of your parlor with the Christmas tree and the windows is stunning!! Christmas card perfect if you ask me!!


  2. Deb sent me here and I agree, stunning!

  3. Hi Judy, just reading your blog having joined you yesterday! I love the christmas picture, its picture perfect, a real vision of what a traditional christmas should be.X


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