Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Master Sweet

Good Morning:

I finished cleaning the master bedroom and bath.  I must admit that it didn't take me all that long as we had just repainted the woodwork and wainscoting not too long ago and I cleaned really well then.  The dusting is what takes the most time.. I have a lot of stuff to dust, as you will soon see:

This is our bed that was one of the first antique purchases we made.  It is what started us on this long quest.  It is solid iron and heavy as lead.  We painted it white to begin with but changed it to black when we remodeled the bedroom.  Every treasure that you will see is either thrift store, hand-me downs from family and friends, or came in bits and pieces, and Jerry and I have nailed, glued, stained and painted them all.

The princess dresser was in pieces when we bought it.  It is a charming piece and doesn't take up much space as our bedroom is very small.  It is hard to get a good picture because I can't stand far enough away from anything.

The lamp on the dresser was originally part of a pair.  We lived in the Bay Area in 1989 when we had a large earthquake.  I had twice again as many treasures as I have now but most of them got broken.  Both lamps were damaged, but I was able to take pieces and put together one lamp.

Taken from the entrance into the bedroom looking into the bathroom so you can kind of get an idea how small the room is.  Our bed is a double as any larger wouldn't fit in the room.  It's very cozy.

The small door on right top of dresser is for a gentleman to put his hat in, hence the name Gentleman's dresser.
This was another piece that came in a box and had to be put back together and refinished.  "Home Sweet Home" picture is hand worked and picked up at a flea market.

 Oh, Oh, there is another little birdie!  Think he is so sweet with his little silk spring flowers.  Waiting for Spring to put in the real thing!  The small leather book is dated inside 1865.  It was in my husband's family.  I think it's a bible as there is a gold angel embossed on the cover, but it's written all in German so don't really know.

I made this bed lamp out of bits and pieces laying around.

 On one of our walks through downtown, I spotted this pillow in a window and mentioned I liked it.  For Christmas Jerry bought every pillow the lady had in the shop for me.  I have them in a few places around the Cottage.

Jerry put this little hall tree together from two different sources.  The mirror came off of an old dresser and I just had to squeeze it into the room!  You will find that sometime I don't know when to quit!

Years ago I worked for an elderly lady who I just loved.  She gave me quite a few of the antiques that I have.  When she passed away her granddaughter put this sweet picture in a pile to be taken to the dump.  Can you imagine?

This is a beautiful syrup pitcher and matching saucer that she also gave to me.

When we remodeled the bedroom the mouldings around the doors and windows were just a plain piece of wood.  We were fortunate to find this beautiful moulding in a 125 year old house in a neighboring town.   It was pretty badly beaten up and Jerry had to plane it down and then recut the grooves back to the original depth.  We were able to get enough for all the doors and windows in the bedroom and bath, along with the
picture moulding that you see above.  The rest of the rooms in the Cottage have the original mouldings that match this perfectly.

This is a view from the entrance to the bedroom which is off of the dining room.  There is no central hall in this old Cottage.  It is just one room after another.

There was a window here when we bought the Cottage.  We love this french door as we can leave it open at night, rain or shine, and let cool breezes into the bedroom.  We have a covered porch but, don't peek, that's for another story.

I love these curtains.  I bought them about 10 years ago in a small town on the Oregon coast.  They are so light and airy and the lace is very ornate.  They get thrown into the washing machine every once in awhile and always come out looking just like new.

I think this bedroom is my favorite room in the Cottage.  I don't really know why.   It might be the colors, the contrast between the black and white, or maybe the patterns that have been mixed.  I really love to try my hand at mixing patterns.  Whatever it is, it makes me happy to be there.

I think Maggie likes this room also.  Whenever the fire is lit, you will find her curled up on what we call her 'princess pillow'.

Who would have thought that so small a room would have so much to say.  I think I will save the bathroom story for another day.  Stay tuned.

Enjoy the next few days until we visit again....Sweet Dreams....Judy


  1. Judy, your bedroom is so pretty and victorian. I love your style. Beautiful wallpaper and your furniture and pictures are perfect. Love your sweet kitty and the carpeting. Deb from Debbie Dabble sent me a link to your blog and I am loving your beautiful cottage home.

  2. Judy,
    I have been looking for this type of wallpaper for a long time (years). Can you tell me who makes it? Thank you. I love everything about your sweet home!


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