Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Road Trip and...Finally, Snow

Hello all:

Word was that snow was expected Monday evening in the foothills down to 1000 feet.  Our elevation is about 2400 so we were excited.  First snowstorm of the winter.  We had planned on taking a road trip to see my sister's sweet little cottage that she is fixing up, and since she is at a lower elevation than us, we knew we would be okay as long as we didn't stay too long.

So we loaded Buddy into the car and off we went down historic Highway 49..

Saw a few signs of spring along the way.

But the clouds are getting a little darker.

Amador City, California
                                                 There really is a Nashville, California (don't blink)!

Looks like someone else took this same road trip.

And it looks like the skies are getting darker.

So we had a nice visit with my sister, Sid, and love what she is doing with her cottage.  Will share it with you when she gets it all put together.

Now we are on our way back home, about a 2 hour drive, and the sky is getting more menacing.   Hope we can make it before it starts snowing.

So we get home and go to bed.  Still no snow.  Buddy had a very busy day and he went right to sleep. Road trips really wear him out.

I'm sorry!! I just couldn't resist!!!

Fast Forward to this morning:

Sometime during the night it finally started snowing but it was kind of a let down.  It didn't snow as much as they thought it would.  But every little bit helps and I'm not complaining.  I put on my hoodie, grabbed my camera and ventured out into the cold.

Even though there wasn't much snow, it was really cold, and I thought, wouldn't a hot cup of tea taste good?

So I guess you can't tell what's coming:

                                                                        Yup, Tea for Two

Hope you are warm and enjoyed a Happy Leap Year Day.....Judy

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