Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Promise

Hello Everyone:

We, as humans, tend to be always looking ahead instead of embracing the moment.

In winter, it's too cold, so we look forward to summer.  In summer, it's too hot, so we look forward to fall.  In fall, after the leaves have turned and fallen, we want winter again, so we can build fires in our fireplaces and get cozy in our chairs with a hot bowl of soup.  But in spring it's game over..We have earned the right to look forward to spring.  To see our gardens emerge into what we had planned for them and to combat the awful fears that it might not happen this year!

But, if we live in the moment, and actually take stock of what's around us, we have some of the most amazing surprises in store.  A promise of things to come that are beyond our control, but will happen by and by.


                                            Camellia:  The first flower of Spring in the Garden

I'm trying to not be impatient and to....



We'll be so happy Nellie, don't you cry....
Down lover's lane we'll wander
Sweethearts, you and I.....

Wait till the sun shines, and by.....
                                         Andrew B. Sterling/Harry von Tilzer  1905

           So take a stroll around the garden and take heart.The promise will be and by.

                            Enjoy your Monday.....Judy      

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