Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Jake at 10 months of age

"I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself,
 than be crowded on a velvet cushion."

Henry David Thoreau

I  picked up a couple of velvet pumpkins
 in case you change your mind.

A few small projects accomplished...

I made a wreath to welcome Autumn
 when it truly arrives...

...and whipped up a little something
 for the well dressed witch.

Before                                                                   After

Repainted this chest with Shabby Paints
 and finally figured out 
how to get it white!

This little piece was a robin's egg blue
 (sorry, I forgot to get a 'before' picture).
  You can still see some of that color peeking through. 
 I tried to come up with something fun and masculine, so decided on this scheme. 
 This is intended for the Captain's library, and he likes it,
 so that is the important outcome.
(The bottom drawer is actually dark green and shows up true but in photo blends in with the black body.)

Picked up this pretty fern at Home Depot...
and that concludes an uneventful week.

I am actually so thankful for this uneventful week around here
 as a neighboring county has another raging fire going on
 and homes and property are being lost. 
 We have lots of smoke but nothing worse.
  I'll take uneventful over that any day.

Remember Lucy,
 one of the little cats that adopted us,
 and the one that had many!! male suitors?...

...well, no surprise, she ended up pregnant.
  Since she is technically a stray, the animal shelter put her into foster care
 until the kittens were born 
and then had her spayed..
 and would have put the babies up for adoption except...

 all three of them were stillborn.

  The experts seem to think she might not have even been 6 months old herself
 and just too young
 for it to go well.

We brought her back home and so far she seems pretty contented here...
I hope she stays.  She is already earning her keep here.
 She caught a mole yesterday
 that has been outsmarting the Captain for quite some time.  

She certainly has not had
 an uneventful time.


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  1. Poor little Lucy, I am so happy that she found a good home with you. What a nice, happy ending.

    I love your new 'fall look' on the blog it is very pretty. I don't know if we are ever going to see fall it has been over 100 all week! I hate it and so does the garden. Hopefully it will end soon.

  2. Oh such a sweet kitty. Yes, sometimes those uneventful times are the most blessed. Jane

  3. I love your cabinets! You know how to experiment and that is a lot more creative than I'll ever be!

    Lucy is beautiful, she's been off to a rough start but it looks like she's quite content. Yes, uneventful can be good. I'll be praying for the end of the fires near you.

    Jane xx

  4. Lovely lovely projects - such a fancy witch. :-) I'm glad kitty is doing well - and catching the intruders. An uneventful week would be very welcome here, for sure.

  5. I'd say that you had a BUSY "uneventful{" week. I saved the image of your Witch's hat, Judy. Darling! I might copy that for the grandgirls' enjoyment.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Your little "stray" looks right at home there- xo Diana

  6. Oh Lucy is so sweet and it looks like she is very comfortable at your house. Bet the Captain is glad that she caught that mole.
    I would say that you had a very busy productive week. Everything looks so good. Hope the fires get put out soon - so sad to lose everything. Take care - love that Lucy......

  7. Jake is soooo adorable! Love all your fall decor Judy. And Lucy is a darling kitty! So sad to here about her misfortune but she must not have been ready for her own family yet. I know she will have so much love and affection from you.

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  8. Hi Judy, Jake is a cutie.....makes me smile. You have had a lot of things going on. Love the Fall decor. Lucy is so sweet. Happy Wednesday Judy.

  9. Jake is so adorable sitting on that pumpkin! He is so cute I just had to giggle. I love your numbered drawers too!

  10. I love your velvet pumpkins and the photo of Jake on a pumpkin, and sweet Lucy sure looks content there. I think you've had a pretty busy week with all the painting going on. It looks really nice and I like the numbered piece a lot. It's so sad about all the forest fires out there. Glad you are safe. Blessings, Pam

  11. what a pretty pretty little kitty! Are y'all keeping her? did you name her?

  12. Jake is such a cutie pie and looks adorable sitting on that pumpkin!!!! I'm glad you had an uneventful week and pray the wild fires are put out before they have a chance to reach your home!!!! I'm glad your sweet little Lucy found her furever home too :o)

  13. Hi Judy,
    Now I am confused about Lucy, I thought she belonged to a neighbor? So glad she has adopted you guys, sad little story about her kittens though.
    Love the witches hat, how cute!
    Have a great rest of your week,

  14. Lucy is adorable and she looks like such a sweet cat, she's lucky to have you looking out for her. I love your fall wreath and velvet pumpkins! Pretty post!
    Sally @cottagefix

  15. You certainly are creative and productive in your uneventful week! Each project is done well and wreath is my favorite! I sure enjoyed this visit.

  16. My all time favorite picture of Jake!!! He looks so tiny up on that pumpkin!! I can remember that evening with all of us. Brent and Grandpa Thurman were with us, they'd be so proud of the man Jake has turned out to be!! Thank you for bringing back happy memories and making me smile. The other thing that makes me smile is the fact that if Jake sat on that pumpkin today, he'd squish it!! ;) And I must say Little Lucy= LOVE, she is adorable!!!! And lucky to have found you and dad!!!

  17. Hi Judy, My first question was going to be about the fires and how close your home is to them. I know you are a bit away from Pollock Pines but I've heard there are just so many right now. Stay safe! I think about my California family and friends all the time this time of year! Your stray kitty is so cute, sorry she's had such a rough time, but I'm sure if she hangs around your home long, she'll love it and be spoiled! Blessings, Cindy

  18. So glad little Lucy is well and has a loving home with you! You have been quite the busy bee with so many pretty projects completed. Gorgeous!

  19. Lucy is so sweet looking...very glad she has a nice home with you and the Captain. I am always grateful for uneventful weeks and days. I love all of your projects Judy and that wreath is gorgeous! Such talent.
    I pray that those fires will be contained soon. Stay safe my friend!
    XO Barbara


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