Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Tea pot, sugar and creamer - Grace's Teaware - Home Goods
Lavender Soy candle - Wild Thyme Botanicals

There are many and varied descriptive passages
 that the word..fall..is a part of.

Such as...

"The falling leaves drift by my window."
Johnnie Mercer, 1947

"Once upon a time, I was falling in love,
 now I'm only falling apart."
Bonnie Tyler, "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

Large, brown transferware turkey platter - Williams-Sonoma
Gravy boat - Bailey-Walker - vitrified china - Bedford, Ohio 1942

"Sometimes good things fall apart
 so better things can fall together."
Marilyn Monroe

"Middle age is when you finally get your head together
 and your body starts falling apart."
Don't know who said it, but it could have been me!

And one we're all familiar with...

"Help,I've fallen 
and I can't get up."
As seen on TV (that could have been me too!)

Cream pitcher - Johnson Bros. - England
China - Tepco - early restaurant china - USA

But, none are as fitting or as perfect
 as the word itself..Fall..
we're talkin' autumn here.

Gravy boat - Johnson Bros. - Pat. October, 1902

It's that time when the softer breezes blow...
and the colorful leaves start to turn and fall to the ground...

Harvest plates - Bountiful Watercolors - Home Goods
Napkin and napkin ring - Pier One

...still warm enough to enjoy
 supper on the back porch...

Burlap pillow - Decor Steals
Tray - Tuesday Morning
Hobnail glasses - Home Goods

...or sip sweet tea on
 the front porch...

...but cool enough to retire to a comfortable bed
 when the day is done.

Our fingers are itching to uncover old friends
 that have been hidden away for a year...

I crafted this cottonboll wreath from a garland that I purchased from Decor Steals after I saw one that Penny at Penny's Vintage Home had made. 

...and when we can stand it
 no longer...

Mantle in parlor

...a whole new display emerges.

Lamps are changed for seasonal color...

This particular lamp is not very photogenic.
  It is made of black organza over rust colored silk,
 with a tan and black tapestry insert and jet beading.
 You see it above... 

...and here,
 with just natural light...

...but for some reason it shows up, when lit,
 as pink and purple tones when photographed.
 I try to remember to turn it off when taking a picture. 
To the naked eye it appears true to the real color
 and sets a festive autumn appearance to the room.

So, if a tiny bit of guilt starts creeping in because of wishing away the summer season too soon,
 open the door and let yourself fall in love

Home Depot

...and the parlor's
 new crowning glory!


Brown transferware plate - Aesthetic 1870-1900

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  1. Good morning Judy.
    What a delightful post. Love the pictures, and the thoughts, and the quotes!
    You have decorated the cottage beautifully, and it feels like Fall.
    I don't feel badly about rushing summer out the door, and welcoming in Fall one teeny bit.
    If I waited for it to get cool enough to decorate for Fall, I would have mere weeks to enjoy everything Fall, before it would be winter.
    Not going to do that, because Fall is my most favorite season of all! ***smile**.

    Love the new header picture and the new background is perfect for your blog. I think it's just so "you" !

    Have a great day!!


  2. Hi Judy! I love this post because I LOVE the Fall! Your dishware and accessories are simply beautiful and your home looks like it is such a cozy place to be. Beautiful pictures and lovely words that really capture the feeling of this most wonderful season!
    Have a wonderful day!!!
    XO Barbara

  3. Hi Judy, Your cotton boll wreath is gorgeous! I don't know why I left mine so plain.....love the little additions that you made to yours.....may just have to dress my "plain Jane" up .....lol! Hugs, Penny

  4. The cottage looks pretty all year 'round, but especially dressed for autumn. I love this time of warm afternoons and cool evenings - flowers still blooming under trees that are beginning to turn.

  5. Oh! You have so many lovely fall additions. I can hardly wait for fall but first I have to get through the up-coming heat wave ~ yuk! It is hard to get too excited about autumnal decorations when it is over 100 outside. LOL But I have been making plans.

  6. Ohhh your rooms are so welcoming and comforting. The lights show that autumn is coming - I especially love the crystal chandelier. All the arrangements are so charming - your house just sits there with open arms for all to enjoy.

  7. Gorgeous touches for fall! I love this room and would enjoy looking over everything you've gathered for your fall displays. The mantel is wonderful and I love your new chandelier. It's really a lovely room. Hugs, Pam

  8. What a pretty, pretty post, Judy. Looks like you are way ahead of me and all ready for Fall. Your colors are warm and comforting. Love it- xo Diana

  9. I love everthing!! I especially love the wallpaper in the bedroom. That cotton ball wreath is so nice. I remember what mom will always say when she sees the cotton balls about how it made her fingers bleed when she used to pick it from their field, ( they raised it in Mecklenburg county Va. ) and she and her sisters had to pick it.
    Such a pretty way to display it on a wreath. Very pretty post.

  10. Oh my goodness Judy, you know I'm drueling over here over that chandelier! Home DePot?! What did you wrap about the chain? I like it!
    And your lamps are always a favorite of mine along with you whole parlor. Nice photos, I especially like the white pumpkin set on the silver tray! I will be posting soon about my recent antique furniture purchase (and not miniature either).
    Have a great weekend. On Saturday my mom and I are going to an Historic Homes tour in a little historic town along the Mississippi river.
    Happy Friday.

  11. One thing is for sure Judy...and that is, that I am falling hard for your beautiful Autumn cottage!!! I have always dreamed of living in a cottage just like this. It reminds me of my favorite Victoria magazine that would come in the mail and I would curl up on the sofa and do a little daydreaming.
    Have a lovely weekend my dear...

  12. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the floor mom!!!! :)

  13. Oh what a gorgeous room Judy! I love every element of it. Such beauty and comfort.

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  14. Oh I love all your dishes here! They make a gorgeous fall display. Your mantle is just delicious! Love your whole cozy room! Thank you for the lovely comment. So nice to have a visit from you! Looks like you are already having a grand time crafting for the season. Happy weekend!

  15. Judy,
    I am sitting here wondering where the heck have I been??? I have missed all these wonderful posts and I am so embarrassed to say that.....
    I adore your beautiful parlor and I can't believe that I never thought of changing lamps out for different seasons!! Great Idea as I collect lamps!!


  16. Love it all...but where can I find those adorable birds sitting atop horse chestnuts? Thanks! jeanneillenye@sbcglobal.net


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