Tuesday, September 2, 2014


A long time ago
 a small chest which looked brilliant, in his opinion,
 sat in a corner of a Victorian cottage.

He certainly did look handsome,
 but he was a little lonely,
 so the consensus was that if he brightened up a bit, 
his confidence could be restored.

So, after much primping and poofing,
 he became only a shadow 
of his former self.

He was happy. 
 Everybody was happy. 
 He started planning his big comeback into society...

...then, out of the blue, 
from a dusty corner in a dark and dreary little shop,
 appeared a sight for sore eyes. 
 She was older and had many blemishes,
 but her dowry was only $15,
 and from first glance 
he knew they were
 a match made in heaven.

after a little primping and poofing 
of her own...

The "I do's" 
were performed...

...it was 
a marriage of convenience...

...and, believe you me, 
there were a lot of weeds to pull
 before we could do
any cherishing...

 we did!

...and they lived

"Tell me,
 where is fancy bred,
in the heart 
or in the head?"

William Shakespere,
 "The Merchant of Venice"

After the honeymoon, 
I hope you will return
 to see the happy couple "at home",
 receiving visitors, 
in their permanent place of residence.


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  1. Judy...this post made me smile! What a wonderful love story!!

    This doesn't happen too often, but the chest and mirror look fabulous together. They each have new life! You did great job jazzing them up!

    Jane xx

  2. Wow, it's like they have always belonged together. I am painting an old chest now that was falling apart. I glued the top and hit it with a hammer where needed. I am glad I didn't throw it away, but I used to always shy away from painting furniture. Once I started - I now want to paint it all.
    I do love that color blue you have on your pieces, beautiful!

  3. LOVE IT!!! The whole post , Judy!! The transformation is amazing and gorgeous and the story telling was superb!! Truly a feast for the eyes in pictures and in words!!


  4. I could not love that piece more!! Honestly, it looks like the pieces are original and not a marriage of different pieces at all.
    Nice job!!!
    And.. I love the simple plate of pears... charming, and it really lets the hutch and mirror shine :)

  5. Oh what a lovely couple (and a darling tale). They could not be better matched. I can't wait to see the different transformations that they go through down the years.

  6. I really love both of these pieces and the fact you painted them in a dark blue rather than white or black etc. They are a perfect match for sure!

  7. I love that pillow!!! beautiful post :)

  8. I'm not sure I would have painted an antique, but these look fabulous together! Great job!

  9. Wow, Judy! It is a perfect match, one would never know they were not a set. You did an amazing job!

  10. I love that and they look beautiful together.


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