Friday, September 5, 2014


I know, I know, I can hear it now...
How many times can she reveal her entry hall?
And the answer is: 
As many times as I have to...but,
 I will say now - this is the last time for a long time!

You will remember that I said another room was being worked on to be revealed soon. 
 I said it's a room but it can hardly be called that.  
Once you enter you take about 10 steps and you are in the furthest part of the Cottage
 and you have already passed doors to two other rooms. 
 If you hold out your arms you can touch the walls on either side. 
 But, you couldn't touch the ceiling,
 even if you happened to be a giant!

We dressed her in a new coat of white paint on the ceiling and woodwork,
 washed down all the walls,
 and removed the carpeting.

I wish I could say,
 "When we removed the carpet, look what we found!" 
 I could say that, but the excitement wouldn't be as great because we already knew this floor was here. 
 I painted it twenty years ago, and had hopes to live with it again but...

...I had forgotten how damaged it was. 
 I will be the first to admit that I love chipping paint on furniture 
but it just doesn't look as good on a floor.

So...this is what we did!
We ordered this Armstrong Vinyl tile flooring, commercial grade, on line from Home Depot (they don't stock it in their stores)
 but we could pick it up at the store so there were no freight charges.
  It comes in a gazillion colors.

Everything else is pretty much the same 
except for a little re-arrangement of some pictures...

...and a couple of new rugs from Pier One.

And, of course, you have met the old married couple
 who have just returned from their honeymoon.(here)

A peek from the parlor...

...from the guest bedroom

...what you first see as you enter...

... and looking in from the sitting room.

So there you have the final? reveal of the entry.


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  1. I think the tile looks great in the foyer and works well with your style. I don't know if I've ever noticed the hall tree with all the hats on it. It is a great piece and I looooove the hats. Change it as much as you want and enjoy. I do.

  2. I love black and white square floors but this combination of colors works beautifully in this space. Excellent solution! It looks great.

  3. I love your new tile Judy!!! The entry is so inviting and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hat tree/umbrella stand...what a fabulous piece! I am just beginning to work on my entry for the fall however it has been too hot here over the past few days to be in the attic for too long, so I haven't brought out all my fall decorations. I am ready for some cooler weather.
    Hope you and The Captain are enjoying a wonderful weekend.
    XO Barbara

  4. Oh it is all so lovely - the floor is fabulous - and no hands and knees painting. Each little touch is just perfect and the old married couple are the perfect fit for it all.

  5. You cheered up your entry with a few changes- that"s how I like to do things! The new floor looks great. I call that instant gratification.
    The old married couple can come live with me if they ever decide to relocate! ;) Gorgeous.

  6. Oh Judy, everything looks great. Love the floor color - excellent color with all your pretties..

  7. Well, I for one, am glad that you showed us the entry again.
    It is darling!!! I love the flooring that you did too! Was it difficult?? Well, how nice it will be to have that all refreshed, going into the holiday season.
    I love that you can just Swiffer and mop the floor, and be done :)

    Still adoring the 'old married couple'!! What a clever and talented girl you are to put it all together the way that you have. I cannot think of one single thing that I would change!
    Also, I love your straw hat collection. I too love straw hats!!

    Have a wonderful day, my friend.


  8. What a wonderful job. I love that blue and white flooring. I also really like your wash bowl and pitcher. That blue and white looks so pretty.
    I have been on the outlook for a pitcher and wash bowl like that.
    I haven't ever seen one like that.
    Your entry looks so inviting.

  9. Oh my gosh! I love that floor. Great choice!
    btw...I also loved the old chippy floor too. :)

  10. Well, whether it is the first reveal or the 10th, it is a lovely entry! You always do beautiful work! Blessings, Cindy

  11. I love your 'new' entryway look. The floor is a perfect choice with all the blues you have there. It all looks so beautiful. You have such great old antiques and the floor just pops under them. Well done, Judy and hubby. :)

  12. I love it Judy! I know that flooring will last for years.

    Amy Jo

  13. Judy,
    I love the entry way reveal!! So pretty! From the furniture that you painted to the blue and white checkered flooring!!


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