Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Yesterday, the Captain and I had an old-fashioned,
 just plain fun,

We went to the Bishop Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland. 
 It's about one hour away from us, and their 42nd fall season, but we've never been there before. 
 We went on a Monday, on purpose, to miss the weekend crowds and that worked out very well.
  The parking was free, the admission was free, the food and rides were very reasonably priced, and the pumpkins were sold according to their size 
so you could spend very little on a nice size pumpkin.

The farm planted 90 acres of pumpkins this year. 
 They have a huge selection in all shapes and sizes,
 ranging from 1/2 pound to 200 pounds,
 along with fifty varieties of gourds and winter squash.

Some of the attractions featured at the farm are:

A scaled down railroad that travels all around the property...

Pony rides for the kids...

A corn maze and sunflower field..

Porko Arena where you can see a pig race..

An apple orchard where birthday parties can be held...

A zip line...

Numerous antique trucks and tractors dot the farmscape...

A puppet theatre, barns and outbuildings
 where the kids can climb on haybales and pretend they are farmers...

...and they supply 'equal opportunity' restrooms where all are welcome.

The Weeland Farm Animal Display.

As advertised, "the animals have taken over this town 
and they have elected a mayor".

I think it's safe to say 
 this must be
 the Honorable Mayor Guy.

They have quite a few small animals in Weeland
 but the goats are the most entertaining.

This little guy carried this ice cream cone around for quite awhile...

...until finally a bigger 'kid' took it away.

OMG!! Thank heavens we human mamas don't have to go through this:

What doesn't show in the photo
 is that this baby takes his head and butts his mama every time he latches on.
  At one point he actually lifted her back feet off the ground! 
 The whole while she just contentedly stands there 
and takes it!

This is Abilene, a Texas Longhorn.
  They say she is gentle and likes to be scratched behind the ears! 
 You are a beauty, Abilene,
 but I think I'll pass!

Now for the real reason we went to the Farm and where this post got it's title...

Do you remember my post two years ago, at Christmas (here)
 where I talked about my first job as a teen-ager back in 1957? 
 I was an elf at Santa's Village and that is where this carousel began its life. 
 I must have spent many hours riding these same horses back then.

After Santa's Village closed in 1979, the carousel sat neglected on the grounds until 1985.
  It was then purchased by the Balboa Fun Zone of Newport Beach,  CA. 
 It was restored and took its place there in 1986. 
 It remained in operation until 2011 when the property lease was not renewed.
  It was then disassembled in September of 2011 and stored in a barn near Lake Elsinore.
  Financing fell through to keep the carousel in Orange County and, 
now, two years later,
 the Bishop Pumpkin Farm rescued the carousel and re-constructed it on their property.

So, here is the old gal 
back in the saddle
 along with her sidekick.

  It was really a treat to hear that unforgettable merry-go-round music again and a very pleasant surprise to remember the bell that rings every time the carousel starts up.
  But, I do have to add: 
 The horses seem a lot taller
 and a person has to lift their leg a lot higher,
 than they did
 57 years ago!

It was a great day and such fun to watch all the families enjoying their time there with their children.
  We did a lot of people watching while we enjoyed our 
hot dogs and ice cream cones...

...and like all great days it included a little shopping in the gift shop.

I added this colorful picture on a burlap canvas, 
and a couple of small pumpkins,
 to tuck into the harvest display,
 into my shopping cart. 

This beautiful Porcelain Doll pink pumpkin was part of the bounty too
 and $1.25 from the sale was donated to local and national breast cancer charities.
  Doesn't she have a wonderful shape?

Shhhh...Tami is getting this one.

And last, 
but not least,
this sweet little Boy Boo 
came home with me too.


Doesn't he have the most amazing eyes?

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  1. This was such a great post Judy! How neat that you could ride on the same merry go round again. That seems like a pretty incredible pumpkin farm. Glad you two enjoyed the day. Jane

  2. What a fun place to visit! I would love it there and I know my grandsons would enjoy it so much. I love the carousel and the wonderful story behind it. How great that you could have a ride on it again after all these years! I must admit that the carousel is the only ride I enjoy at a fair as I am afraid of heights and anything that is crazy fast. Thanks for sharing your fun day! Pam

  3. Oh Judy, what a fun day you and the Captain had. Such a beautiful pumpkin patch. What we get is a parking lot fenced off that is filled with pumpkins, gourds and rides for the kids. I'm sure there are farmers that have a pumpkin patch, but far away.
    Got my first real pumpkin of the season at Trader Joe's. A nice big one for $2.98. cheaper than Wal-Mart which was $4.95.
    Thanks for sharing all your lovely photo's with us. Wish I lived out in the country or a small town. Would love to move back to Buchanan, VA, to be with my cousins. But, my son is in Los Gatos along with my granddaughter - and I" would never get to see them.
    Have a great week.

  4. Judy you had a wonderful time i love the photo of you in the saddle. As always reading your post make me feel like i am there with you. Have a nice day Ella

  5. Judy, I loved all the pictures. So much to see and do... I loved the old trucks and tractors. It is wonderful that the carousal was saved. You and your sidekick look great. xoxo,Susie

  6. What a wonderful post. Love all the old tractors and trucks.
    Lots of blessings from South Africa

    1. Thank you so much, Sandra and Hennie, for your lovely comment. I am so happy to hear from you and hope that you will visit again soon..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  7. Dear Judy,
    What a great day out. Well worth the drive.
    You must have been delighted to sit upon the horses that you rode all those years ago.. when you were an elf at Santa's village. lots of work has been put into the decorations of the tractors and the farm.
    I always love to read about how you go to buy your pumpkins. Here its not a tradition.
    Many pumpkins are just left lying in the fields..i wonder, why the farmers plant so many.
    A super post.
    Happy 1st october.. love val xxxx

    by the way.. you look great in the saddle again..);-

  8. Yay!! I am so glad that you found the carousel and had the opportunity to ride it once more :)
    That place looks like such fun, and I love the pumpkins...esp. the pink on.... .**smile**.



  9. I am in love with the old trucks in your photos. My husband loves to paint old trucks. I checked out Wheatland to find it on a map and see that it is in Yuba County, but I can't figure out what bigger cities it is close to. My husband's brother lives in Cool, outside Auburn. Is Wheatland anywhere near that?

  10. Now that's what I call a day of fun. I love old carousels. The last one I rode was in San Diego. I was amazed to learn that it came from Texas originally. It's really beautiful. My niece and I rode twice, Those old trucks are wonderful. And I love goats....they are the silliest things. I haven't been out to buy pumpkins yet...maybe tomorrow!

  11. What a fun day! One day I am going to own an old pick up truck.. that is my dream vehicle....maybe a 64-65 ford.. back to your day...the goats were cute..how did the mayor get up that high.. I know they climb but wow..love the pink pumpkin...the pic of the day... you on the merry go round you road 52 years ago...what a blessing to get to do that.. Have a great weekend.. Blessings!

  12. That was a really fun post - looks like a perfectly wonderful day and I have to say - my favorite of all the photos was you both on the carousel - loved loved loved it.

  13. Oh Judy, somehow I missed this post! How fun! At the end of your post I thought at first you meant you took home that black goat!! Funny story about the other goat and her baby nursing!
    Yay, for the happy ending for the Carousel! I just adore Carousels. Cute picture of you and the Captain on the Carousel, love it!


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