Wednesday, September 24, 2014


We have found a little out of the way eatery that has very good hamburgers, among other things.  
Since the two of us, in our opinion, are hamburger authorities, we frequent it quite a bit.

It is located just outside of town
 on a beautiful, scenic country road.

The land is owned and worked by a longtime, local family. 
 It consists of acres of peach, pear and apple trees and garden plots full of vegetables and other fruits. 
 They are well known for their delicious, homemade peach and apple pies.

You have your choice of seating inside
 in the quaint knotty pine dining room with its green and white checked curtains and a cozy corner fireplace
 or outside, on the wood deck overlooking the apple orchard.  
There are also picnic tables on the lawn under the walnut trees.

However, on our last visit, there were no takers for the pretty outside locations.
  The smoke from the fires going on around this area was getting a little heavier with each passing day. 
 On Tuesday, the Air Quality Index reached well over 500 - at the high end of the hazardous range. 
 Schools were closed and respirator masks were distributed to city workers on outdoor crews.

This is the picture I showed you in my post from last week...

...this is what the same view from our front porch looks like today.
  You can see that the trees in the background are not visible at all.

This was the view we saw
 as we were on the way 
for the Captain to walk the dogs at the shelter.

This was the view from my office car window.

Actually, we are blessed to have only smoke.

  Our neighbors have lost so much more. 
 Not only is the land they love changed for years to come,
 but for many, their homes and belongings that they worked so hard to acquire
 are gone
 and can never be replaced.

To think that a human being
 could be so callous and unfeeling
 to set something like this in motion
 is just unfathomable.

After spending a few days with this smoke and feeling the consequences of breathing it,
 we know that the men and women who are fighting on the front lines,
 risking their lives every day,
 trying to keep us safe from this devastation,
 are truly our heroes
 and we owe them so much.


Strangely enough, these clouds were so beautiful. 
 They looked like someone had piled up a bunch of snowballs.
 In reality, they are called a pyrocumulus cloud, or fire cloud. 
 They are similar to the classic cauliflower - topped cumulus clouds,
 but the heat that forces the updraft, which leads to cooling and condensation of water vapor
 comes from fires or volcanic activity, instead of sun-warmed ground.

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  1. I hate fired! When I lived up near Lake Tahoe (on the SE side) we had fires and smoke for weeks at a time, it is SO sad to see such loss. I'm still glad you are safe! Blessings, Cindy

  2. The hamburger place looks so wonderful and sounds delicious. We love hamburgers too - but this year we are on the search for the perfect pizza in our area. So we are going to different pizza places now and then, to discover the best of the best. We've already done the same with Fish and Chips - found the absolutely best ones in a little cafe on an island just off the coast (five minute ferry ride).

    It is sad about the fires - we lived in Orangevale long long ago and know that area well where the fires are. What a pitiful shame that someone could care that little for the environment, the people and even themselves, to do such a horrible thing.

  3. What is the world coming to Judy. What an awful act of vandalism..criminals.
    I am so sorry that your area has been hit by the smoke.
    I hope they find the culprits.!
    Your hamburger place sound sure good. I love a hamburger now and again.
    The drive to your hamburger place looks so serene.
    happy week Judy.
    val xxx

  4. I am so sorry about the fires. Some people are just plain SICK. To do something like this is terrible.
    I hope that you are safe from all the smoke. With COPD I can't breath when the air quality gets bad, just stay in doors.
    Your restaurant sounds great - I love places like that.
    Hopefully the fires will be put out quickly. Have a great weekend, Judy.

  5. Wow, that is a lot of smoke. It's so terribly sad all the loss these forest fires are creating. The farm with all the orchards etc. looks like a great place to visit. The clouds in the last photo are beautiful. I hope the fires get under control or put out soon! It must be awful to breathe that air all the time. Take care. Pam

  6. Judy, I loved your pictures. I would be so scared around any forest fire. Your little place to eat is beautiful. xoxo,Susie

  7. Hi Judy, we lived in Rockland for several years. The first week of our arrival we stayed in a furnished apartment that had a beautiful pool and spa. We were enjoying the California sun one afternoon from the pool when it began to rain ash. This happened several time while we lived there, but it surprised me every time. It's a gorgeous place though!

  8. Great pictures and great post Mom!!! I know where we are having dinner next time we come up!!! :)


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