Sunday, April 22, 2012

An Apology...And a Give Away

Good Evening Everyone:

The purpose of this post is to kill two birds with one stone, as the saying goes.

Not literally! I could never even think of doing anything like that to these cute little critters.  They look to be in too much misery as it is.  They must be so cold in that puddle.  Besides, there are three of them!

I have tried never to forget to thank anyone who has left me a comment on my blog.  However, I post those heart felt thanks right under your comments and, probably, you don't even know they are there.

How many times do I leave a comment for someone and then keep going back to look at it again?  Mostly, never, and I know that I have more time on my hands than most of you with jobs and families to take care of.  Therefore, from now on, I will be leaving my thank you's on your e-mail but if, for some reason, I can't get through to you, I will still post it under your comments.  I apologize, profusely, that it has taken me so long to figure this out.

I saw an interview once with author, Joanna Trollope.  I took one of her life mottos as my own. I had it above my work station, before I retired, and would always refer to it when I found myself a little unsatisfied with what was going on around me.  "Quit whining and get on with it."  It served me well for many years and, once again, I'm taking it out and dusting it off.  So as it says, I will quit whining and get on with it.


I have hit the 50 mark.  Not in age, that ship sailed quite some time ago, but in followers. It is so exciting to me and I want to do a little something to thank each and everyone of you.  I appreciate all your kind and sweet words and the interest that you all show in the content of my ramblings.

So to commemorate the moment, I'm going to have a give away.  I wish I could give to everyone of you but, sadly, that is not possible, but know that whoever gets this gift will have to share it with everyone else in spirit.

Here is what I have for you:

I was so tickled when I saw this little treasure in one of my favorite shops, Country Living, in Amador City, California.  I thought any number of little trinkets could find a home in it's soft green leaf.  The little guest towel, with cut work, is one I have had in my collection for some time.  I thought they looked sweet together. In fact, I loved it so much that, you'll never guess, I had to have one for myself.

I don't think I am going to put anything in mine.  He will just sit on my porch for everyone to admire.

Here are the simple rules for the give away:

You need to be a follower of GoldCountryCottage.

You will need to leave a comment on any one of my posts between tonight and Saturday, May 12.

I will draw a name on Sunday, May 13 and notify the winner in a post on that date.

You will then have to send me your snail mail address.

And the little birdie will fly to you when I receive it.

Come in the evening, or come in the morning;
Come when you're look'd for, or
Come without warning.
Kisses and welcome you'll find before you,
And the oftener you come here the more I'll adore you!
      Thomas Osborne Davis

You are all welcome here at GoldCountryCottage.  I truly love hearing from you and whether you are a follower, a message bearer, or just someone who likes to come in, sit a spell, and take in the goings on, you will always be greeted with a smile and a warm feeling.  I adore meeting all of you.

Good luck and thank you all....Judy



  1. I'm not posting to receive a gift, but how I love it and would enjoy having it. Just want to say thank you for being a faithful follower of me-for always encouraging me and always giving such sweet comments. I don't always read all the posts as I should. Please forgive me. So excited for your 50! Yey, I celebrate with you! Once you hit 50, it seems to multiply from there! Thanks again.

  2. Congrats on 50 Judy..I did the home tour this weekend was hoping to run into you..I use to work for Sandy at Country living until 12 years ago..Maybe I even waited on you ha ha!!
    Maybe some time we could meet up there in person..Hope you have a GREAT week my dear friend..If you ever need any help with your blog please feel free to ask for help girl..I'm been at it since 08. Hugs and smiles Gloria

  3. Hi Judy! Your so sweet. You are going to have tons of followers!Congrats on reaching 50.


  4. Judy,

    What a truly sweet post! I know I always enjoy getting your comments. They brighten my day. I always enjoy reading your posts as well. That little bird is so cute, I hope I win Hehe!

    blessings to you,
    Amy Jo

  5. Jeg kom bare lige forbi.
    Tak for de smukke billeder.
    Ha´ en god dag.

  6. Dearest Judy,
    I have been watching your followers slowly creep up. I remember when you first started.. Its amazing. Your comment to me was." I am so delighted that i have a follower from overseas in Portugal".. now you have 50 followers from all over the world.
    Congratulations Judy.
    You have always known that i love your blogs and your photos and your stories. Gold country cottage is a sheer delight to visit.
    never had a problem with your comments on my blog page.. always recieve them.. and I thank you heartily.
    Have a wonderful Monday..
    best wishes

  7. Hi Judy- I often hesitate to mention to newer bloggers that no one ever goes back to read the replies that people leave to comments they receive. You are right- who has the time? I am lucky to get to a blog once in the first place!

    Congrats on 50 followers. I can remember how exciting that was for me...and it took me a long time to get to that point. I will not sign up for your giveaway because I have been blessed to win several giveaways this year already. I will wish everyone else good luck.

    Hope you have a wonderful week-xo Diana

  8. Hi Judy!! Wow 50 followers that's brilliant!! Though I must say not surprising though as your blog is just so lovely and always an inspiration to read, I just love to visit! and was very pleased when you began to follow by blog which enabled me to find yours. The birdie is just GORGEOUS! But you mustn't include me in the giveaway as it would cost far too much for you to post! Whoever receives it will be very lucky indeed and I'm sure will appreciate it. Also wanted to say that i've really enjoyed your kitchen updates, it is truly stunning! You have a beautiful home.

    Have a great week, Marina xx

  9. Hey Judy, well done, you should be so proud! It's because of all your lovely pretty photos! I felt the exactly the same when I got 50 followers, but I'm saving my give away for my blog anniversary..hehe! I would love to be in the giveaway and have a chance to win this gorgeous prize! I'm sure whoever wins it will love it!- Becky Xx

  10. Judy,
    Congrats on hitting 50! How very exciting!! I have enjoyed getting to know more about you and your family with each and every post! I have noticed that you always comment back under each comment (I think it is cool!) and always try to look back on each post to see what you have to say! You are a gem! And I love your give-a-way!
    dee dee

  11. Hello Judy
    Congratulations!! on your 50th, You have such a lovely blog and I love popping in to see whats occurring, beautiful giveaway.
    Thea x

  12. Congratulations on 50. Have one more from me. :D

  13. Congratulations on your 50 Judy.I can remember being excited at getting 20 followers and now I'm around 77. I love the 'Quit Whining and get on with it' I think I'll put that on my pinboard next to where I'm sitting typing this. Big Hug.....Suzy x

  14. Judy, what a sweet giveaway! The guest towel is so cute! Have a good evening, Jean

  15. Judy, I am honored to be a fellow blogger and follower of yours. Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog. I am sewing away on these baby quilts. I may have to go get more this week. Congrats on your 50 followers. And please enter me in your giveaway. The birdie and towel are very cute together. Have a wonderful week!

  16. Hi Judy! Wow, 50 followers?! That's great! I am having a hard time getting followers, I only have 9. Do you have some advice for me on getting more? Thanks and have a great week!

  17. Good morning my dear friend..I just send you a photo file showing how to do the links..I hope this helps you girl..Hugs and love Gloria

  18. Hello Judy,
    Congrats on 50+ followers. You are working it Lady. Your sweet birdie Giveway is so cute, along with the intricate guest towel.
    I would be honored to win. Thank you for visiting and leaving me such sweet words.
    your wisteria should be coming on soon! Enjoy...Linda

  19. That was such a sweet post, Judy. Congrats on your 50 followers. Your give-away is very pretty and I would love it if you would throw my name into the hat. I love green, I love birds, I love lace. Have a nice evening. Hugs, Deb.

  20. Hi Judy - I want to thank you - on your blog - SO MUCH for commenting on both of my blogs. It's hard work - commenting on other blogs plus figuring out what to write a post about!! I have to figure out how to reply to a commenter on my bog - I figured out that I can reply on my Iphone that way - but I have to do something on my blog to have that happen. Yikes - you have to be good at technology too!!

    Fantastic that you have hit the over 50 mark. It took work for me to get where I am at 70 something. But - it's all worth it end in the end...I hope!

    Thanks again - and we'll speak soon!


  21. Wow Judy! You have made me a little teary. I am very grateful to have found and follower you. Thank you for all your comments they are always recieved with such joy. I hope to connect, comment and visit you for as long as you welcome me. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

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  23. Judy you don't need to apologize for anything...your comments are always so sweet and so well recieved by me. And I LOVE this wonderful it would be to have a little piece of your world here in N.J.! Congrats on your big 50!! Have a super great day!!!

  24. I just left a comment on your latest post and have been going through your blog...which I'm enjoying so much. Maybe you'll have time to drop by my blog sometimes too:) I would love to win the precious little bird as I love "bird stuff"...especially the family of 4 adult geese and 7 babies that are now frequenting our pond. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win. And a huge CONGRATS on your 50 followers!


Your comments are so special to me...Judy