Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Beautiful Sunshine Award

Hello Everyone:

I just finished writing a post today and soon as I published it, I got the sweetest message from my friend, Thea at

She has bestowed upon me the Sunshine Award and I am so honored to accept it and send it on.

This came at a really good time for me today, as I was feeling a little down because someone misunderstood something I said and it made me very sad. But that is water under the bridge now, and like I said in one of my posts, "Quit Whining and Get On With It."

Before I do get on with it though, I have told you repeatedly that I am very technically challanged and that has never been more apparent than now.  I tried to download the beautiful sunflower that Thea passed on to me, but no luck. If it weren't for my good friend Gloria, at, just yesterday showing me how to link up, I wouldn't even be able to go this far.

l.  Favorite Color:  Pink with blue a close second. Since my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer, I've come to really love pink.

2.  Favorite Animal:  I have to put dogs at the top of my list with apologies to my beautiful little puss, Maggie. I love you too.

3.  Favorite Number: 153 which is the address of the Cottage.

4.  Favorite non-alcholic drink:  A virgin margarita.

5.  Facebook or Twitter: I have never done either one. I am addicted to blogging!

6.  What's your passion: I have to put three: Decorating, watching TV and my husband, but not necessarily in that order.

7.  Giving or Receiving: I love to give but I'm not the least bit unhappy about receiving either.

8.  Favorite Pattern: I love lace and florals.

9.  Favorite day of the week:  It's always Saturday. I still can't get the hang of being retired.

10. Favorite Flower: I can't even tell you how much I love Lilacs.

These are my five very special friends that I would like to nominate. There really are so many that brighten my day, but I have to follow the rules:

l.  Maura at

2.  Barbara at

3.  Marina at

4.  Jacqueline at

5.  Gloria at

Just answer the questions above, pick 5 of your rays of sunshine notify them that they are special to you and download the beautiful sunflower at Thea's blog:

Or you may download mine (don't know if it's legal or not) if you would so desire.

Thank you so much Thea for thinking of me.

Happy Wednesday..Judy



  1. Its my pleasure Judy enjoy your award.
    Thea x

  2. Congratulations on your award!!!! It was so much fun to learn some new tidbits about you :o)

  3. Very sweet award, you deserve it Judy!

    Amy Jo

  4. What fun things to find out about you! Congratulations on the award! xo Diana

  5. Well Sunshine is the perfect award for you, Judy! Congratulations! And I'm feeling all "aw shucks" myself now! Thanks so much! I'm doing this right away, because I'm not great on follow up! Stay posted! haha! The blogger curve is pretty steep. I'm still getting the basics myself!

  6. Dang! I forgot! You MUST see Casablanca! It's being screened in theaters starting tomorrow!! PERFECT WAY TO SEE IT!

  7. Hey Judy! You are not crazy! I just left Michele's message about Casablanca here by mistake. But I'm sure you would enjoy it anyway! Haha!

  8. Dear Thea nominated me too. How kind of her.
    Like you say.. we all have lovely blogs.
    Congrats to you too.
    I have a problem with the awards.. as all the blogs are so great.
    I love always returning to your most super blog Judy. So sorry that someone upset you. It can happen I suppose.. writing can often be missinperpreted. All is well. hugs to you.
    You have come so far and now arrived at the 50 mark. Keep up all your lovely blogs..
    It was a holiday here yesterday.
    Its raining to day.
    Happy thursday to you and mrC.
    xxxx val

  9. Congrats on receiving the sunshine award! It was fun reading more about you. I'm so sorry to hear that your daughter has breast cancer. Seems like I've heard so many people getting that. I have my mammogram next week. I always hate it, but realize how important it is during times like this!

  10. I was given the Liebster Award on my blog & was instructed to share it with up to five of my favorite blogs I read. my post is today April 26.I am passing it onto you!
    I have how it works on my site. I hope you have time to read and can share it with some of your favorites.


  11. Oh I'm so sorry that you were miss understood, how frustrating... but sweetie, you have such a wonderful and sweet heart so keep going and smile!
    So happy your received the sunshine award, you more than deserve it!
    dee dee

  12. Hello Judy! Thank you!! I've just seen your post, and would be delighted to accept the Sunshine award, thanks for nominating me! Congrats on receiving yours, you really deserve it, it's always such a treat to visit your wonderful blog! Marina xx


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