Monday, April 30, 2012


Hello Everyone:

"May Day came, and of course they made baskets,
And filled the baskets with spring flowers from the chilly snow-patched hills,
And hung them on people's door knobs; and rang the bells and ran away."

Maude Hart Lovelace from "Betsy-Tacy and Tib"


I am moving the date for the give away drawing up to May 7.  I had forgotten that Mother's Day was on the date that I previously set for the drawing and we will be gone from the Cottage, and away from the computer, on that weekend.

So if you haven't signed up as a follower or left a comment, please do so by May 6, so you don't miss out on that sweet little bird and the linen.

Happy May Day to each of you....Judy


  1. Happy 1st of May Judy,

    I enjoy reading your lovely posts..and that for me is just fine.
    I appreciate the wonderful comments you leave for me too.
    I have not got into the award giving. As i feel we are all worthy.
    Hope you had a wonderful long weekend.
    I had my grandchildren and family.
    best wishes

  2. I love the photo of your lilac bush and white wooden chair. I can just imagine you sitting in your garden breathing in the beautiful scent. Your door posy is so sweet too.

  3. Judy,
    Happy May Day to you! My daughter has all of the Besty and Tacy books from when she was younger... I had forgotten about them. They are so sweet..

    Amy Jo

  4. Hello Judy,
    How nice of you to visit with me. I am now following you too and just love your cottage. I love the May Day basket on the door. I too would love to own a big old huge painted lady Victorian (read your profile) but had to settle for something less. But, to find the perfect cottage was also a perfect choice. I would love to have a cottage too.
    I will be visiting often, so have the teapot on!

  5. Happy May Day Judy! My mom was just talking this morning about May Day and how they always threw a May Day party at school each year when she was small. She was telling me all about the May Pole and the dance that produced a braid at the end! In fact she was in this room a few minutes ago and saw your blog up and commented on such a beautiful picture you had posted today! Have a wonderful day!
    dee dee

  6. Beautiful!
    Greetings from Poland ✿ܓ

  7. What a beautiful post. That first picture is just gorgeous! Happy May Day to you, too~ xo Diana

  8. Beautiful photo's Happy May Day to :) Love that flower 'krans ' on the frontdoor ...I just posted a photo of my icecream today :) and now I will post my young lilac tree ...enjoy your evening and week ; )

  9. What a pretty idea, love the lilacs,
    Happy May Day!
    Thea x

  10. love your bench and pretty flower basket, judy! my little lilac only had 7 blooms this year--can't wait for it to grow big like yours:)

  11. Hi Judy,
    Happy May Day to you also!
    Holy Moly.. I cannot believe that it is May already....sheesh.

    I make rosemary salt by combining 2 C. sea salt.
    4 Sprigs rosemary (strip leaves off of the stem ..of course)
    2 TBSP. ground black pepper.
    I just put all the ingredients into the food chopper and pulsed it a few times,
    You're going to love it !

  12. Hi Judy! Great minds think alike, huh? Happy May Day to you! I love your May Day basket on your beautiful front door, so striking! Puts my cone of fake flowers and door to shame. ;)
    I have been trying to get that Liebster Award badge on my blog and it doesn't work for me. Do you have the URL or code for it? Or how do you do it?
    Thanks and have a great week!

  13. hello Judy

    I love your blog!
    I'm a friend of Rita from Belgium

    have a nice day


  14. Just stopping by to say Hi..May you have the best week ever my friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  15. I let May Day fly right past me. It's good to get reminders from others about it. It's such a cute tradition.

  16. Hi Judy
    I like the tradition of May Day but had not heard about it until you gals from the US started posting of it. This would have been a fun thing to do with our girls and pass on to the next generation.
    The little bird dish for your giveaway is sweet.

  17. What a beautiful pictures of spring, May is a wonderful month with everything blooming.Only down side for us is that it is autumn over here.Happy mother's day to you to.

  18. I love your happy spring arrangement on your front door. May day was always celebrated when I was in elementary school, and we loved the festivities on that day. Flew right past me this year, glad to see your post about it. I like the bench in your garden under the lilacs.
    Happy Thursday

  19. Happy May Day Judy! I love the basket idea.. what a lovely surprise!

  20. Our May Day or Labour Day as we refer is this Monday the 7th. Thanks for sharing. Take Care. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  21. Thanks for stopping by...yes, they are forget me nots in the background. I love them and I hope by next year they will be in all my borders. They are the perfect backdrop for all the other spring flowers. They spread like crazy and are easy to pull out when they are finished. I love your chippy bench and your door hanging. It is so fresh looking and cheerful. I hope your May Day was happy!

  22. Hi Judy,
    I love the month of May! We have many special celebrations this month; anniversaries, birthdays, and of course, Mother's day. Love the sweet basket hanging on the door. Thank you for your visit and enjoy your weekend.


  23. Hi Judy
    Lovley Post :)
    and do not miss....




    it is FUN :)
    Håakn ( The Roseman)


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