Friday, April 27, 2012

Can You Smell It?....

The minute I walk into the room it surrounds me. I haven't even seen it yet but I  know it's there. The most beautiful aroma in the world. It fills my dreams and, now, my waking hours.


You are the smell of all summers,

The love of wives and children,

You are brighter than apples,

Sweeter than tulips.

Amy Lowell

The first lilac bloom in the spring garden.

Happy Weekend....Judy


  1. Hi Judy! Love the picture! You are right in saying that Lilacs have a beautiful aroma. Have a lilac filled day!

  2. I am anxiously waiting for our lilac trees to bloom. Pretty photo.

  3. What a pretty little arrangement! I can almost smell your lilacs.

    :) Amy Jo

  4. Judy,
    Our Lilacs bloomed a few weeks ago and are on their way out... please enjoy the aroma for me!
    dee dee

  5. Oh you are so correct.. lilacs always perfume the air with the sweetest scent.

    We have just begun to get a few lilac blossoms. I'm looking forward to getting enough blossoms that I can cut a few and enjoy inside.

    I've just found your blog, and I'm now following you.
    I'm looking forward to getting to know you and reading your posts.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Judy-Those are my very favorite of the whole season. I wait all year for the lilacs to bloom. Ours should be out in about 2 weeks. xo Diana

  7. I can smell them through my screen ...... what a great smell ..... the beginning of the spring!!
    Thank you to share this with us ..... I will put them quickly into the water!!
    A happy weekend for you to and your family.
    With warm regards,

  8. What a pretty arrangement. I love the way you have picked up the colours of the lilac and the citrus green/yellow vase in the little china plate. My neighbour grows lilac and the sweet scent wafts over my fence in the breeze when I sit at the end of my garden. I might have to sit under an umbrella this year to enjoy it though if this rain doesn't stop!

  9. Beautiful lilacs Judy.
    A lovely arrangement.
    I have yet to find out if they will grow here.
    I do have the hiacynths.. is that the same!
    this year i put them in the water too late and they are a little stunted.
    Happy Saturday

  10. Och Yes I can smell them :) Love those lilacs to ,love to have one to in my livingroom smells good I have a very young plant in my garden there are photos on my blog ,it is a young plant but is blooming already they are dark lilacs ...enjoy your weekend Judy :) ...and love your photos !

  11. Judy, any friend of Lilacs is a friend of mine. Theres something so luxurious about cut branches of Lilac in the home that have me reaching for the secateurs every April. The scent is incredible isn't it!

  12. Beautiful blooms. I can only imagine the beautiful sweet smells. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  13. I too love the smell of Lilacs... yours are beautiful! Have a great weekend..


  14. Beautiful Lilacs xx If you pop over to my blog you will see that i've mentioned your and your lovely blog xx

  15. Judy, I love lilacs, too. They are one of my favorites. I just purchased a Bloomerang lilac to plant, supposed to rebloom thru the summer. Have a nice day! Jean

  16. Hi Judy,
    That's one of my favorite scents, and you've displayed it so well. I've been snooping around your blog and find it enchanting! I'm following you. Great blog!

  17. I have a picture of one of your lilac clippings you put on your dining room table which I just love (couple years old now). As you saw, I have a lilac bush in my backyard (the flowers are kind of small compared to the one we had in Scotts Valley). But I get out there so little with all the boxes to unpack, and this weekend I had two guests and could have put those fresh lilacs on my new glass table!!!! YET ANOTHER MISSED OPPORTUNITY IN MY LIFE. I think the last time I ever put lilacs on my table (in Scotts Valley), wouldn't you know, there were tiny black uninvited guests fanning out from said bouquet!!! :-(

  18. Hi Judy,
    Yes I can, in fact, we have some in our yard. They are beautiful too!
    thanks for sharing Judy and also for stopping by my blog and leaving you kind comments. Enjoy your Monday.

  19. Hi Judy,

    I love your "Mother's Day" blog. It was fun looking at the pictures of family members. I still can't get on as a "follower".

    Your friend,


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