Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Have You Heard The One About The Money In The Mattress?....

Or the one about the pasta in the parlor?...

Or the one about the breadboard in the bedroom?...

Hello Everyone:

This really isn't an update.

I suppose it could be called progress...but whether forwards or backwards, I guess it depends on whose looking at it.

The cupboard drawers and doors are being stripped of their hardware and the Captain has a friend with an auto body shop who is going to spray them for a reasonable price. This will save a lot of hardship on the Captain's well being, if not so much on his bank account.

Remember that pretty table all clean and proper and set for Easter dinner?

This is our parlor.  You haven't seen it yet because I never got to the rest of the spring cleaning....But, hey, we have no skeletons in the closet!

There have been a few mishaps along the way...

Just happened to be my favorite, and the most expensive one I have, come to think of it.

This plastic sheeting was over the doorway to keep the dust from going into the rest of the Cottage...Do you think he looks guilty?

The poor Captain with his battle scars.

And, oh yeah, our guest bedroom:

The two most dreaded words in the English language.....

"Company's Coming"

Oh, well, it must be 5 o'clock somewhere!

Hope you are having a wonderful week..Judy


  1. Hello Judy
    Just to let you know I have awarded you the Sunshine Award !! see my blog for details.
    Thea x

  2. Hang in there Judy! We are just painting and it's a mess.

  3. I feel for you Judy. all that horrible dust. Just dream about how lovely it will be when it's all finished and have another Margarita! I'm going through our loft at the moment and using my eldest daughters room for storage (away at uni). At least I can close the door on it all.

  4. Wow Judy! I hate when something gets broke and of course it always has to be the favorite item. Chin up it should be over soon. :)

    Amy Jo

  5. Hi Judy! Wow, you probably didn't realize you had that much stuff to move out of the kitchen, huh? Buddy does look guilty-how cute! I love your marble turtle top parlor table!
    I'm glad you had the chance to look back on my older posts and see some more of my furniture. Yes I had read your post about the replying back to others on your own post (I was wondering how that worked exactly), what is linked in and how do you do it? :)

  6. Ummmm...Judy...I guess I won't be sleeping over tomorrow night, then?;>) What a job but it will soon be done and you will be loving it all! I love when people keep it REAL...and this is real! xo Diana

  7. Yes, real.....Your place is starting to look like mine! A dump! HaHaHa
    Ouch Jerry! That long straight one looks bad!
    Just got back from a long day of shopping in Folsom (what I shouldn't be doing), and I am in my car parked on Main Street in Sutter Creek. Lit by only the street lights, the ol' buildings appear so odd and vacated through my wet windshield. With no traffic and just the sound of the rain drops on metal, it's very conducive to deep thought...or not. Sort of like gazing into a lit fireplace.
    Well, we know the END is near. Of your mess! At least you're not sleeping perpendicular to your headboard (because of stuff all over your bed)......or are you?

  8. Dear Judy,
    I have been through times like this. Now i have much less. However when i paint the cottage..then things are all over.
    Yes definately sweet Buddy looks guilty. ): i will tell my doggies about him, as mine too get up to nonsense!
    Looking forward to seeing the end result.. your home is divine.
    best wishes

  9. Judy,
    Ohhhhh it must get worse before it gets better.... and better it will get!
    So looking forward to seeing it put back together!
    dee dee


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