Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hello everyone:

I've been so excited I can hardly stand it. I've known about this for awhile but couldn't say anything until today when I got a package in the mail.

I was chosen as the winner of a beautiful apron from Bonnie over at White Lace and Promises.  She sponsored the give-away in honor of her 50th follower.  Congratulations, Bonnie.

Isn't it just the cutest. Look at the smocking around the waist and the small ruffle at the hem.  Thank you, Bonnie. I just love it!


The Easter Parade

What shall I wear for the Easter Parade?
A dress that's the color of marmalade

With a border embroidered
In light blue cornflowers
Like the edge of a meadow
After spring showers

And a matching hat round
As a top you can spin
And elastic to hold it on under my chin

And brand new shoes
Whiter than newly-poured cream
With heart shaped, golden buckles that gleam;

And I'll carry a small purse
Of butterfly blue
With a penny for me and a penny for you

To buy us both glasses of cold lemonade
When we walk, hand in hand,
In the Easter Parade.

  William Jay Smith


"Now, wait just a minute..
Were you all just going to go off and leave me?
I want to be in the Easter Parade too.
After all, I got all dressed up in my finest Easter Bonnet."

Say goodnight, Buddy!

See you all on Easter Sunday..

Thank you again, Bonnie!



  1. Hi Mom- Very cute!! Were those little black shoes grandpa Thurman's? And can I just add, poor Buddy!!!:)That sweet big boy has the patience of an Angel!!!

  2. Hi Tam: Thank you sweetie. They might have been or his sister's. Poor Buddy is right! Right after the picture was snapped, he grabbed the hat in his mouth and I barely got it away from him in one piece..Give Tim hugs..Nitey, Nite..Love, Mom

  3. Dear Judy,
    wishing you a blessed Holy week.
    Easter parade is so lovely. Mine will be after mass on Sunday
    When i was a little girl. Mum used to dress me in all new clothes for Easter sunday.
    Its a special time.
    Buddy looks great and was most co operative.
    val xx

    1. I'm wishing you the same Val, thank you. I can remember new dresses also and as far as Buddy goes..What you see is not what you get!..Happy Thursday..Judy

  4. Love the apron,takes me back to school days where I learnt to smock! i used to love doing it and might just try it again soon. Suzy x

    1. Thanks, Suzy..Isn't it just the sweetest thing. I wore it all last evening..Happy Thursday..Judy

  5. Hi Judy,

    What a cute apron and a sweet easter poem! And Buddy looks lovely LOL...

    Blessings to you,
    Amy Jo

  6. congrats on your excellent win Judy! What an adorable apron!
    Your post has put me in the Easter spirit!
    dee dee

    1. Thanks DeeDee. Me too! Now I'm working on my real Easter post..Happy Thursday..Judy

  7. Happy Good Friday Judy! How fun is that apron, congrats on winning! Love the Easter parade! And those cute shoes and that pretty hat! Awww...Buddy, the things we put our pets through.
    Have a blessed Easter!

    1. Good Friday to you too, Gina. Thanks for your kind comments. Buddy thanks you too..Happy Easter to you and your family..Judy

  8. hello Judy, I love the poem - also reminded me of the movie -Easter Parade -lovely - I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter,

    1. Hi Kathy: Thanks for your sweet comments. You're right about the Easter Parade movie and also the Easter Parade song..Happy and Joyful Easter to you and your family..Judy

  9. Love the baby in the bonnet. Happy Easter. I am your newest follower. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  10. Thanks Richard. Yep, he's our BIG baby! I so glad you are following and thank you for your visit..Happy Easter to you and your family..Judy

  11. Hi Judy,
    Your new apron is as cute as a button; love it, especially the smocking! Congratulations on winning it!
    And I love that poem! Brings back memories. Buddy looks so cute in his bonnet!
    I lived with snails and puppy dog tails too for a long time and I resigned myself to the fact that a little princess wasn't in the picture. But then, lo and behold, along she came. After three wonderful sons and four adorable grandsons, the little princess made her appearance. She is quite the novelty in our family! Unfortunately she lives on the other side of the country. She's on the west coast and I'm on the east coast so I haven't actually met her yet. Thank goodness for the webcam! Thank you for your visit and I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Easter.


    1. Thank you Sandi for the lovely comments. I hope you get to meet your granddaughter soon, and have a very Happy Easter..Judy

  12. Congrats on winning that apron. That will be cute on the 4th of July too!

    1. Perfect thought Kelly. I certainly will wear it then and many times before..Happy Easter to you and your family..Judy

  13. Hello Judy,
    I love your Arpron and Bunny white his Bonnet.... it is so great to see,hihi
    I also want to wish you all happy Easter ... enjoy being together.
    As you can read in my post ....... I spent 10 days in Greece there to celebrate Easter.
    I like to hear you again after that time ..... sweet greetings from me ...... to you all
    Silvia xxx

    1. Hello Silvia: Thank you for your nice comments. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter and I'm looking forward to reading your post from Greece..Judy

  14. Buddy is so cute Judy.
    Happy Easter.


Your comments are so special to me...Judy