Saturday, April 28, 2012


Happy Saturday, Everyone:

Every year in Grass Valley, the local classic car club, The Roamin' Angels, sponsors a classic car show.

The streets around town are closed down, booths are set up in parking lots, and the beautiful cars are lined all up and down the streets.  All kinds of food is served, merchandise for most types of cars is available, and it is just a carnival atmosphere.  People come from all over to show the work and the pride that they put into their vehicles.

Now, this is the Captain's thing.  Since he is so good to go with me, when I drag him around  on my beloved home tours, the least I could do was accompany him when he asked me. Besides I thought it would make for some interesting photography.  

We are lucky that it is within walking distance of the Cottage because the parking downtown was non-existant. Of course Mr. Buddy was quite peeved with us as there are no dogs allowed.

Here is a collection of some of the cars that were being shown. You would think, by my photos, that there were mainly red cars there, but not so. For some reason they just caught my eye. It was hard to get many good pictures as there were so many people milling about.


Now on to the moral of my story. The title of this post is A CAR FOR A COTTAGE. This is the subject of that title:

This is a 1956 Chevrolet Nomad. We owned this car for 7 years and we had more fun than you can imagine with it. We went to numerous car shows where we won many awards in different categories.  When we purchased it there had been extensive work done on it. It had been repainted the original color and the interior was all put back as the original was, but the engine had been modified. It is the first 'antique' that we ever bought that wasn't a basket case. We had to do absolutely nothing to it except have fun!  It was beautiful, hot, fast and loud. And when we drove it, it gave  new meaning to the words, Jukebox on Wheels.

Our home town, Santa Cruz, had a large car show every year called Beach Street Revival..Cars came from all over to participate. We had poker runs, scavanger hunts and on Saturday night the festivities ended with a dance at the Coconut Grove down by the beach.

So we donned our outfits that transported us back in the day and we had a good time, always.


But times change, and people change. Our kids grew up and were out on their own and we decided that we wanted to try something different, and when we finally settled on Grass Valley, and a little blue Victorian Cottage, the beautiful Chevy Nomad did us proud once more and became the means of how we were able to fulfill our new dream.


So that's the story of how the love of a car  turned into the love of a Cottage...and they all lived happily ever after.

Happy Weekend....Judy


While I have your rapt attention, please go over to my friend, Courtney's, blog:

She has the most beautiful blog, you will love her and her cottage, and she has a wonderful  give-away from Lowe's...You will be happy you visited her.






  1. What a life! Wow! Sounds so romantic! Your blue baby is fabulous! The cottage is prettier:)

  2. HOW COOL IS THIS!! And I never saw those pictures of you two!!!!! Darling! Please e-me those! Did you happen to take that picture of the Nomad down at the ranch?

    I think your classic cars from Grass Valley today continued with a jaunt down 49. In Eddie's Diner (Old Well Cafe in Drytown) I spun around on the bar stool, oatmeal in hand, and watched a whole slew of them drive by. So beautiful. Then everyone was talking cars.

  3. P.S. Or taken at somewhere like Cherryvale Ave., Soque?........Neat to see Todd following!

  4. Wow what a fantastic post!! Perfect to read whilst having my breakfast and sipping my morning cup of tea! You've made me feel very nostalgic..i LOVE the photos!! The cars are amazing, and I especially love the photos of you guys!! Great moral to your story and written beautifully..have have a lovely Sunday xx

  5. Aaawww, just lovely. Fabulous story and those cars are fabulous, my hubbyman would have been in his element at that show, he was at a show of his own yesterday but bikes, not cars, he's in the process of restoring an old bsa bike. The photos of you two are lovely. Suzy x

  6. I love the car but the photo of you in the ponytail and the captain in the letterman's sweater is priceless!

  7. Wow, that last pic is lovely. And the pic of the car also!

    Have a nice weekend!

  8. I love old cars....even though I have no license .... Judy'm so scared!!
    I always dream of a VOLVO AMAZON .... so beautiful!
    Your photos are nice .... especially the old one's.... you and your husband.... back in time!
    Tomorrow we have big party .... queens day .... a party for the Netherlands!!cosiness with all.
    I wish you a nice Sunday & see you soon again.
    Warm regards,

  9. I'm a sucker for old cars! love the classic lines and the fantastic colors and I'll be the first to tell you they don't build them like they used to! How fun to walk back down memory lane, see see you old car and to hear about how it return the love you gave it in such a wonderful way.
    dee dee

  10. Those old car shows are very popular around here too. It was fun to read that story.

  11. Lovely story and beautiful cars!

  12. Oh how I remeber this sweet car!!!!! You made me cry with this one mom, but in a good way!!! Love ya!! Tami p.s. I am sooo glad you didn't share a picture of "The Green Slime"!!! ;)

  13. Cute photo of you and the Captain! A blue car to go with a blue house, how fitting! Have a great rest of your Sunday.

  14. Hey Judy, Len and I both love car shows and go all the time..we also have our own collection from Vets to 1940 ford coupe..Jackson has a show in June just like yours..I was in Country Living yesterday but Sandy was on a buying trip for her shop..Hope you have the BEST Sunday ever my dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  15. Judy,

    What a wonderful story! I love old cars. I've always wanted one but my husband hates mechanic a no go.

    Amy Jo

  16. What a lovely tale! The Great Dane has a 1957 TR3 in the garage, in 1000 pieces. I don't think we'll ever get a ride in it! Car shows can be so much fun, especially if the day is sunny.

  17. I love old car shows..and this one looks great.

  18. I love the Chevrolet Nomad! My father son both love vintage cars. My son has a 1976 Ford F150 and they just got a FREE 1965 Ford Mustang! They are going in together to restore it. We just sold my dad's car, it was a 1937 Pontiac. Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower! I am your newest follower! Blessings, Tammy

  19. Thanks, Tammy. I'm so happy that you are following me. How nice that the guys have a joint project to work on. Old cars are a lot of fun and we had our share..Happy Monday..Judy


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